Danielle’s Story

Reprinted with permission from My Journey Across the World.

Dollar Store- $55.50

Walmart- $73.65

GoodWill- $4.99

Costco- $15.05

The Shopping Experience- Priceless


Packing for a purpose truly made me appreciate and feel eternally grateful for my ease of obtaining any of these supplies here at home. For most of us, it is as simple as hopping in our car, driving down the street, and tossing the items into our shopping baskets.

I was able to raise a total of $149.19 for Hotel Antigua Miraflores, totaling around 20lbs of supplies. When my travel partner and I arrived in Lima, Peru, we were able to wander the beautiful streets of Miraflores and find the Hotel Antigua Miraflores to donate our supplies. I am so incredibly grateful for all the donations that Anthony and I received. Those who graciously donated, really have no idea what an impact you have made and the possibilities that you have provided for the shelter in Lima, Peru!  I’m so grateful to have been able to partake in such a giving experience with friends and family members and can not wait for my next trip to do it again!

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