January 2016

PfaP Portrait

PfaP is delighted to welcome Kensey Covert as one of our 3 new outstanding interns this semester. I am a Junior at Meredith College who discovered Pack for a Purpose through my Marketing professor, Dr. Mishra, when she encouraged the students to check out what Pack for a Purpose was all about. After seeing the... Continue reading

Pack for a Purpose Travelers Take Pounds of Supplies from Portland

My friend Sheila and I traveled from Portland, Oregon, to San José, Costa Rica, last November and spent two glorious weeks in Costa Rica. Our first stop was the school, Escuela Tuetal Sur, which is in Tuetal de Alajuela, a rural area outside of San José. Upon arrival at the San José airport we flagged a taxi... Continue reading

Professor Jackson’s Story

Before our November 2015 cruise to Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao, my wife Patricia and I made a decision  to Pack for a Purpose. We chose to support the projects sponsored by the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort on the Island of Curacao and deliver our supplies there. We made contact with Ms. Thysiara... Continue reading

Kudos to Your Kilos of Kindness

As our sixth year begins for Pack for a Purpose, I am filled with gratitude for the thousands of kilos of supplies Pack for a Purpose travelers have taken for community projects across the globe! I am also grateful for the thousands and thousands of hours our talented and committed volunteers have contributed to make... Continue reading