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Wonderful Guests of Wilderness Make a Big Impact in Namibia

Children in the Wilderness (CITW) was founded in 2001 and began a partnership with Pack for a Purpose (PfaP) in 2010 – a relationship that has now been going strong for the last 13 years!

Pack for a Purpose encourages travellers to make a difference by bringing essential supplies for the communities they are visiting. These meaningful contributions go a very long way in helping rural communities worldwide, including many in Namibia.

This affiliation with PfaP has been extremely beneficial to CITW and its partner communities, with guests generously bringing in important items – such as school stationery, toys, and medical equipment. Travelers are given many options, giving guests the chance to choose what is best to pack.

The CITW Namibia programme operates in the most remote areas of the country. As Pack for a Purpose partners, we are proud to support Jacob Basson Combined School, Warmquelle Primary School, Elias Amaxab Combined School, Rev. P.A Schmidt Primary School, Marienfluss Mobile School and De Riet Village Kindergarten.

Keeping the communities warm

CITW’s ongoing mission to support Wilderness Serra Cafema’s neighbours in the remote Marienfluss Conservancy in north-western Namibia was given a welcome boost when community members of Ondao village recently received a generous donation of blankets from a guest staying at the camp.

The community members of Ondao village are extremely grateful and extended their sincere appreciation to the Wilderness guest and Children in the Wilderness for making their winter a little warmer and more comfortable.


A 70-pound donation for Jacob Basson Combined School

In late 2022, Wilderness guests Beth and Terry Marbach journeyed to Namibia, bringing with them a whopping 70 pounds (some 32 kg) of back-to-school supplies.

Namibia Impact Manager Agnes Tjirare handed over the most welcome donation to the teachers at Jacob Basson Combined School in Bersig in the second week of February 2023.

Jacob Basson is a combined school, which supports 450 children from ages 5 through 18 years old in the town of Bersig. Bersig is in the remote Kunene region of Namibia and provides important primary education to all children in the area. Our Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 target was achieved through this wonderful donation, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

What a difference these supplies have made to the children’s school year! School supplies provide much-needed educational support for students, improving their learning experience and ensuring teachers have the resources to facilitate lessons on a day-to-day basis.

Other life-changing supplies

Sports equipment is fundamental for leaners to develop their sporting skills, inspiring more outdoor activities that strengthen the body and mind and create greater sportsmanship for their inter-house games.

Medical equipment combats several of the challenges faced in rural areas, where there are generally older populations, larger distances to cover, and poor connectivity (of both transport and telecommunications).

Gardening equipment allows children to reconnect with the natural world around them. Gardens teach students about farming, how we eat, the value of stewardship, and how to appreciate the nature which supports our life on this planet. School environments can create healthy settings to foster children’s health and wellbeing.

Small space. Little effort. Big impact.

The above-mentioned supplies, and more, are just few of the needs that the schools and communities have. As a guest travelling to our beautiful country, Namibia, your visit can be made purposeful and impactful, starting with just the click of a button on the Pack for Purpose website to see what you can bring.

Children in the Wilderness is exceptionally grateful to be one of Pack for a Purpose’s beneficiaries. Without these guests’ sincere generosity, our mission to educate our future custodians on their natural heritage and facilitate sustainable conservation through leadership development would not be possible.

Thank you for investing in Africa’s children. “It takes a village to raise a child”. – African Proverb.

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