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Facts about Ghana

The Republic of Ghana sits along the Gulf of Guinea, beckoning travelers with its tropical climate and beautiful beaches like Kokrobite and Busua Beach. Visitors to the country can easily see why international travel is increasing in places like Labadi, and a trip to Mole National Park rewards guests with sightings of elephants, buffalo and antelope. That, plus friendly locals, rhythmic music and colorful scenery create a splendid vacation abroad.

Ghanaians open their arms to voluntourism, and invite travelers who are interested in responsible tourism and would like to volunteer with school projects, or any other helpful project like environmental conservation. Many areas are in need of simple school supplies and medical supplies, so in kind donations are graciously accepted. Children of Ghana are active, and often play sports like soccer, netball, tennis, and play music as well. Bringing sports equipment or small instruments are a few ways visitors can give back to the community and put a smile on children’s faces.