Red Monkey Lodge


Red Monkey Lodge supports HIPZ (Health Improvement Project Zanzibar) and the Makunduchi Project. HIPZ is a public-private partnership between a British NGO and the Zanzibar government, supporting Makunduchi Hospital which serves 60,000 people in the Southern District of Zanzibar.

The average life expectancy in Zanzibar is a staggering 47 years – with 1 in 6 children dying before they reach their 7th birthday. HIPZ aims to improve the healthcare in the region by providing assistance in the management of the hospital.

In the last few years, new outpatient and maternity units have been built, wards have been renovated, and staff training and equipment have been supplied. The hospital can now treat a whole range of conditions, has a fully-functioning operating theater, lab, X-Ray and ultrasound machines, and an ambulance service available 24 hours a day to collect women in labor and bring them to hospital to ensure a safe delivery.

HIPZ is committed to ensuring a long-term and sustainable improvement in medical care and is sensitive to the needs and wishes of the local people.


General Medical:
Band-Aids, Blood Pressure Cuff (‘Sphygmomanometer’), Blood Sugar Machines and Test Strips, Cannulas, Needles, Pen-Torches/Flashlights, Respiratory Masks, Small Scissors, Thermometers (Digital), and Toothbrushes

Specialist Equipment:
Dental Equipment, EDTA and Biochemistry Blood Test Bottles, Otoscope, and Stethoscope

Crepe Bandages, Dressings, Forceps, Plaster of Paris, and Surgical Gloves

Silk 2/0 (or any non-absorbable equivalent for skin, such as Ethilon)

5 ml Syringes, 10 ml Syringes, and 50 ml Syringes

Testing Kits:
Medical Kits

Antibiotics, Burn Cream, Ear Drops, Eye Drops, Ibuprofen, and Paracetamol Tabs

Specifically for Children:
Baby Blankets, Cannulas (Particularly Pediatric Cannulas and Giving Set), Child O2 Sat Probes, Cloth Diapers and Clips, Hats (for Premature Babies), Newborn Clothes (Very Useful), and Pulse Oximeter

Reference Materials:
Medical Dictionary and Oxford Handbook of Medicine

Bed Linens and Pillows

Office Supplies:
Pens, Laptops, Mobile Phones (Old), and USB Sticks

Initiatives Supported

All the needs are current as of January 21, 2018

Listed on this page are the specific needs requested by the community project(s) so you can choose exactly what to pack for a purpose and express your gratitude to the local community with the supplies you take them.

Candy and balloons are not on the needs list as they are harmful for the children and the environment for the following reasons:
• Few of the children benefiting from these projects have access to toothpaste, toothbrushes, or a dentist. The candy promotes cavities.
• The balloons once they become deflated are a choking hazard for local wildlife.

Instead of taking candy or balloons, use that space for additional requested supplies, as they are priceless.