Amazon Explorama Lodges

Project #1

The Adopt-A-School program has provided books and school supplies to rainforest communities for over 25 years. The managing nonprofit, CONAPAC, distributes these materials annually to over 3,500 teachers and students from kindergarten through high school. All materials would otherwise be unavailable to these recipients.


Reference Materials:
Current Atlases

Computer Hardware/Software:
E-Readers, Mobile Phones, Solar-Powered Working Laptops, Tablets, and Working Laptops

Project #2

The CONAPAC library offers a full range of literacy programs and enrichment programs to children living in rural Amazonia of Peru. Daily after-school programs include reading, computer practice, English lessons, board games, music practice, and craft activities. Monthly visits from international guests bring specialized workshops to the children. Please see the video about the library:

An asterisk (*) before an item indicates this item is most urgently needed.


General School Supplies:
Book Bags, Chalk, Colored Pencils, Compasses, Crayons, Protractors, Solar Calculators, and Solar Lantern Lights

Flash Cards:
(English and Spanish) Alphabet, Math, and Word

Laminated Wall Charts:
(English, French, Portuguese and Spanish)Human Body, Language, Math, Science, and World Maps

Text/Reading Books:
(Spanish) *Age-Appropriate Story Books, Biology, General Science, Health, and Language/Grammar

Computer Hardware/Software:
Flash Drives/Memory Sticks, Mobile Phones, Printers, Solar-Powered Working Laptops, Tablets, USB Cables, and Working Laptops

Educational Games/Toys:
*Chess Clocks, *Chess Pieces, and Chess Sets

Music Instruments:
Castanets, Cymbals, Triangles, and Xylophones

Sports/Outdoor Activity:
Inflation Pumps and Netball/Basketballs

New Bras and New or Gently Used Children’s Clothing and Shoes

Health/Personal Grooming:
Antibiotic Ointments, Band-Aids, Combs, Multivitamin Tablets, Plastic Gloves, Reading Glasses of Assorted Strengths, Sanitary Napkins, Shampoos, Tampons, Toothbrushes, and Toothpaste

Art Supplies for Artist Initiatives and Community Produced Projects: Watercolor Paints and Brushes and Wire Cutters

Office Supplies:
*E-Readers and *Power Banks

Project #3

Through the non-profit, CONAPAC, we build water filtration buildings for communities to help them be healthier. This reduces parasites and dysentery. Training workshops are offered to ensure proper management, and regular visits help resolve arising challenges. We need additional materials to enhance the services we can offer.


BioLite Camp Stoves, Biological Water Test Kits (, Chlorine Test Kits, E-coli Water Test Kits, GPS Locators, MegaBright Flashlights, Particle Counters from Particle Sense, Portable Solar Chargers, Potable water test kits (, Rugged Mini Laptops, Soil Test Kits, TDS Water Meters, and Wilderness First Aid Kits

Initiatives Supported

All the needs are current as of November 16, 2018

Listed on this page are the specific needs requested by the community project(s) so you can choose exactly what to pack for a purpose and express your gratitude to the local community with the supplies you take them.

Candy and balloons are not on the needs list as they are harmful for the children and the environment for the following reasons:
• Few of the children benefiting from these projects have access to toothpaste, toothbrushes, or a dentist. The candy promotes cavities.
• The balloons once they become deflated are a choking hazard for local wildlife.

Instead of taking candy or balloons, use that space for additional requested supplies, as they are priceless.