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With Special Thanks

I realized that to make my idea a reality, I would need the assistance and skills of many other talented people. They have generously and freely given their time and expertise. It is with gratitude that I would like to acknowledge and thank the people below, as well as those who have agreed to serve on our board.

Danielle Abraham, Mary Anderson, Rocio Antelis, Linda Auerbach, Julia Baer, Megan Bahamonde, Maria Better, Marcus Blyden, Andrew Brown, Monique Brykman, Pam Caldwell, Julia Carmody, Nathan Cavicchi, Victoria Cavicchi, Sydni Collins, Amelia Cook, Ann Cramer, Kensey Covert,Helene Daniels-Dummer, Kim DeWitt, Thibaut Davy, Dinda Elliot, Megan Ellisor, Alan Finkel, Emily Ford, Jenny Knott Gilbert, Eric Goldberg, Sharon Goldberg, Hazel Gooding, Brittany Goodman, Glenna Gray, DeErricka Green, Adam Gunter, Alex Hall, Mark Hall, Mona Hall, Jared Harding, Marcia Harris, Valina Hassaram, David Heuser, Sherry Heuser, Elizabeth Hodges, Melissa Hoffman, Noah Hubbell, Angela Bendorf, Jamison, Rob Karn, Karen Keith, Liz Kloster, Paulette LaBrash, David Langmeyer, Katherine Lawrey , Kilara Le, Angela Leimer, Celia McRae, Stacey Minter, Sue Mitchell, Robert Mungo, Marianela de Oro, Jake Pacheco, Susan Pepe, Bert Du Plessis, Michelle Pudu, Benji Rabhan, Sahil Rahman, Tara Regimand, Alicia Richards, Bob Richards, Giavanna Richards, Michael Rim, Olivia Rudiak, Gina Santore, Joncie Sarratt, Lindsey Schaefer, Jack Scheef, Traci Stewart, Rachel Strauss, Sid Strauss, Peter Tanner, Laura Thompson, Rebecca Tuzel, Dianna Upton, Dylan van der Veen, Michael Vidal, Lindsey Walston, Devon Williamson, Kaitlyn Yakaboski, and Sarah Yonan.

Extra special thanks go to Erik Macenas who generously donated his creative talents and energy to design our logo and website and connected us to our webmaster Justin Scheef.  Their commitment and talents over the past six years have enabled Pack for a Purpose  to make a Big Impact accross the globe.

With appreciation,
Rebecca Rothney