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Information for Accommodations and Tour Companies

To submit your accommodation or tour company for inclusion on our website you must complete all the following steps in order.

Step 1. Make sure there is a prominent place on your website where your project(s) is clearly described. Placement in the footer does not fulfill this requirement.

Step 2. Have the CEO or GM of your Accommodation or Tour Company carefully read, sign and date our agreement (choose format: Word | PDF) and send via email to

Step 3. Place this wording below on the page where your project(s) is clearly described.

Step 4. Place our link and logo on the page where your project(s) is clearly described. Click here to find our link and logo. (Be sure our logo clicks through to our website.)

Step 5. Complete the application form/submission here.

Step 6. Send us at least 4 high resolution photos of the people whom the project benefits.

Step 7. Follow us on Social Media



If your accommodation is already listed on, and you need to make changes or additions, below is a shorter version of the form to fill out…
» To add a project or projects

» To add items to the needs list on your current page

» To delete needs from your current page, please e-mail us

Benefits of participation

» Free publicity

» Additional resources to promote your community project

» Highlights your commitment to community

» Provides additional web presence

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