December 2015

More Supplies for The Moorings

The Moorings is delighted to be a member of Pack for a Purpose. Our charter guests have fully embraced giving back by packing extra light for their boating vacations to leave room for donations for Family Support Network in the British Virgin Islands. The Moorings crew aboard Allons-Y shared a photo of school supplies, vitamins... Continue reading

Laura’s Story

We spent Thanksgiving in the British Virgin Islands, and as a last thought during packing, I remembered Pack for a Purpose and saw that one of the islands we were visiting, Scrub Island, was listed with a need.  Together with my sons aged 9 and 10, we bought and delivered 9 lbs of supplies. What a... Continue reading

Pack for a Purpose Supplies for Song Saa Stimulate Student Success

Here at Song Saa, we are so proud and grateful to be members of Pack for a Purpose. In the last three years our incredibly generous resort guests have packed a vast amount of donations, including educational supplies, sports equipment, clothing, toothbrushes, and toys, all of which have gone to help local communities in the... Continue reading

Melissa and Chris’s Story

Costa Rica has a lot of schools in need of supplies. We were excited to find a Pack for a Purpose partner Casitas Tenorio in the Tenorio National Park near the resort where we are staying. We squeaked by with our luggage weight limits on this trip because we had so much fun buying the... Continue reading