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Laura’s Story


This week I was fortunate to visit Jakes at Treasure Beach and during my stay I had the opportunity to visit Newell High School in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. I came across the Pack for a Purpose mission when looking at the Jakes at Treasure Beach website.

I packed what I could based on the needs listed on the website (I brought mostly art supplies, ranging from watercolour paints, paint brushes, pencil crayons, chalk, sharpeners and coloured construction paper).

When I arrived at the school, I was greeted by the administrative team then soon after met with Vice Principal Mr. Bennett. I spent the next couple of hours learning more about the school, their successes, current challenges and needs. I was fortunate to meet some of the teachers and wellness staff and learn about the work that they do to support the 700 students that attend the school. Along the way I met several students on the grounds and learned about the types of studies that they are involved in and are passionate about.

I learned how the school is a safe haven for some students who have experienced violence at home, struggle with mental health challenges and who sometimes arrive at school hungry. I made sure that I thanked the staff that I met for the work that they do and acknowledged the impact that they have on the students.

I am grateful for the short time that I had at the school and hope to contribute in a meaningful way in the future.

Thank you for creating Pack for a Purpose.

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