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    Project #1

    The Naankuse-run Epikiro Life Line Clinic provides free and accessible primary healthcare to the San Bushman community, located in the far east of Namibia.

    People walk hundreds of kilometers to receive medical care when they are sick and unfit to travel these distances. We believe everybody should be entitled to easily accessible healthcare.

    Project #2

    In association with Nanofasa, a nonprofit organisation based in Bushmanland in the northeast of Namibia, we are developing a small postcard business to benefit the marginalized San people residing in this area.

    Selected community members will be given a smartphone for the combined purposes of communication and data collection (photos). They will use the phones to take photos of their day to day lives.

    Selected photos will then be printed and sold as postcards, and all profits are given back to the San community. We are specifically looking for smartphones that take a sim-card, and have a good, working camera.

    Initiatives Supported

    All the needs are current as of May 11, 2021
    Note: Location is approximated. If you see a lodging that is misplaced or missing, please contact us .

    Listed on this page are the specific needs requested by the community project(s) so you can choose exactly what to pack for a purpose and express your gratitude to the local community with the supplies you take them. If you prefer, you may reach out directly to them to inquire about items which may be available for purchase locally. Arranging visits to community projects is beyond the scope of our mission. If you wish to visit a project, contact the participant and they can let you know what is possible.

    Candy and balloons are not on the needs list as they are harmful for the children and the environment for the following reasons:
    • Few of the children benefiting from these projects have access to toothpaste, toothbrushes, or a dentist. The candy promotes cavities.
    • The balloons once they become deflated are a choking hazard for local wildlife.

    Instead of taking candy or balloons, use that space for additional requested supplies, as they are priceless.