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Project #1

The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) was launched as a Non Profit Organization (NPO) in 2005. They opened their first center in May 2017 and began creating Hope and Opportunities for youth ages 8 through 16 years old. Children attend the YEP centre daily after school and on Saturdays with no enrollment fees. During school vacation, our YEPpies continue to enjoy day long programs.

Their caring and committed staff and volunteers provide programs that assist and enrich children in Homework, Health and Wellness, S.T.E.M., Sports, Cultural and Environmental Awareness, Arts, Culinary and Community service. YEP continues to be the only free year round after school/out-of-time school program for children in the BVI.

Their staff also offers support to families and other NPOs in the form of training, modeling of good practice, and sharing of resources.


General School Supplies:
Colored Construction Paper, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Dry-Erase Markers, Erasers, Glue Sticks, Pencils, Pencil Grips, and Pens

Text/Reading Books:
(English) Age-Appropriate Story Books, Board Books, Noisy Books, and Touch-and-Feel Books

Educational Games/Toys:
Puzzles, Board Games, Card Games, Video Games (Sports Related for Nintendo or Sony Systems)

Sports/Outdoor Activity:
Baseball Gear, Bike Helmets, Jump Ropes, Life Vests, Netball/Basketballs, Snorkeling Gear, Soccer Balls, Tennis Balls, and Volleyballs

Art Supplies for Artist Initiatives and Community Produced Projects:
Acrylic Brushes and Paints, Blu-Tack, Chenille Stems, Craft Glue, Craft Scissors, Craft Sticks, Foam Shapes, Glitter, Magnetic Tape, Modge Podge, Painting Canvases (Various Sizes), Pom-Poms, Sidewalk Chalk, Stickers, Watercolor Paint Brushes, Wikki Stix, and Velcro

Project #2

Family Support Network (FSN) BVI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose primary aim is to aid individuals, couples and families affected by domestic violence.


General School Supplies:
Pens, Solar Calculators, Tape, and Texas Instrument Calculator (T1-84)

Educational Games/Toys:
Board Games, Connect Four, and Puzzles

Children’s Socks and New Underwear

Health/Personal Grooming:
Bars of Soap, Combs, Deodorant, Hair Brushes, Lotion, Multivitamin Tablets, Pampers Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, Toothbrushes, and Toothpaste

Project #3

PAW (Promoting Animal Welfare) is a not-for-profit organization established in February 2014 on Tortola, BVI by a group of animal lovers to help improve the living conditions for as many animals as possible within the BVI.
Their current focus is on cats and dogs with the aim of improving the quality of their lives. Each animal that is selected for the program is tested for common diseases, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. This process therefore not only improves the animal’s individual health, it reduces the chances of spreading disease while humanely decreasing the Island’s stray population.


Comfortis Tablets, Doxycycline (Antibiotics), Drontal or Nemex dewormer, Frontline Plus or Frontline Spray, NexGard for Dogs, and Panacur

Animal Supplies:
Dog/Puppy Shampoo, Leads/Collars (New or Gently Used), Puppy Training Pads, and Soft Sided Dog Carriers (Airline Approved)

Initiatives Supported

All the needs are current as of August 22, 2019

Listed on this page are the specific needs requested by the community project(s) so you can choose exactly what to pack for a purpose and express your gratitude to the local community with the supplies you take them.

Candy and balloons are not on the needs list as they are harmful for the children and the environment for the following reasons:
• Few of the children benefiting from these projects have access to toothpaste, toothbrushes, or a dentist. The candy promotes cavities.
• The balloons once they become deflated are a choking hazard for local wildlife.

Instead of taking candy or balloons, use that space for additional requested supplies, as they are priceless.