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Facts about Oceania

Tourists ready to pack their bags for a beautiful island getaway can’t help but dream of the beautiful scenes of the Pacific Ocean. Oceania and the South Pacific draw in travelers with its beautiful white beaches, coral reefs, and volcanic islands. Oceania offers a variety of nations, each offering its visitors and vacationers different scenes and opportunities. One of the opportunities that is offered to each Oceania tourist is the opportunity to give back to the island communities and to donate to non-profits in the South Pacific.

Tourists, adventure vacationers, voluntourists, and other travelers can find simple ways to help non-profit causes, service projects, and charities in Oceania, especially in countries such as Fiji. Visitors interested in responsible tourism and making donations can choose from a variety of projects. The Kadavu Primary School in Fiji is always grateful to humanitarians who donate school supplies; this group always welcomes pens, pencils, erasers, and calculators. The nearby nursing station also welcomes donations and gifts – supplies, including sterile gauze and bandages, antibiotic cream, and hydrocortisone cream are always put to use for community patients. Others choose to give to the dental hygiene project in Fiji, which welcomes oral care supplies such as toothbrushes.