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Emily’s Story

Pack for a purpose is such a wonderful organization for helping average travelers become philanthropists. The awesome thing about packing that small amount of school supplies in your bag is that you get to see the smiles on the faces of the children who benefit from your donation. Mara Bushtops is a supporter of Pack For A Purpose and all of the supplies that you bring over go to their local school. The Nkoilale School, located four kilometres from the camp, attended by over 450 children, with ages ranging from pre-school to 18. There are in total only four government-paid teachers, assisted by three further teachers, who are sponsored by the parents themselves. Bushtops, under the supervision of the Headmaster, has recently initiated a program where by senior staff from the camp assist in practical teaching projects reflecting the school’s curriculum. All of the supplies brought through Pack For A Purpose’s instruction help these children so very much. While I was at Bushtops our guide Philip told me that children would share one pencil between 5 of them. They would break the pencil into five small pieces so they could share. Now just look at the pencil holder next to your desk and count how many pencils you have for ONE person! This is why Pack For A Purpose is so wonderful, it allows you to give to those who really really need it! I want to thank this organization for all of their hard work, they are doing the world a beautiful favor.

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