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Kathy’s Story


Our trip to Africa was our first time and it was amazing!

We have a set of friends that had traveled a month before us and they shared some stories. One of the couples had grown up in Johansburg and still had family there. Her father is involved with some agencies for children’s needs. They told us they took a bag of items to donate. I got so excited that we too could do this.

Our travel agent, after reviewing the Pack for a Purpose website, got us in touch with Wilderness Safaris and they indicated items that would be useful to the community -based projects in Johannesburg. I then started going to various stores checking our sales. One store was closing out all the childrens thermal items..since it was the start of the winter season in Africa and the summer for us..I asked the manager if I purchased all that was on the wall what would he charge me? He then called me later in the day with such exciting news..I could purchase all the items for 1.97 a piece.. I paid 102.00 and saved 933.02!! That got me charged …I then ventured to area stores asking the same…I was pleasantly surprised by the support!..Our neighborhood brought me 6 black garbage sacks full of wonderful childrens clothing.

We had our dentists donate toothbrushes and paste…It was so easy and brought us so much joy to be able to do this. It is so EASY!

We filled up duffel bags , put them on the plane..and took them with us to our hotel. And that was it. Wilderness Safaris came and collected the duffels full of special items and delivered them where they were needed!. To top it off we received photos of where and how our items are being used!! Everyone that is traveling should embrace the opportunity to help in such a small way …but with such great rewards! I will do it again and again. I hope more will join in…

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