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Asante Sana from Kenya

village_life _safari_story.jpgThis year Village Life Safaris has received a large gift of requested supplies for the Mukuru Kayaba Schools from various contributors. These PfaP travelers brought much-needed supplies ranging from files, books, pens, pencils, and crayons  to new and used clothes and toys. In addition, Village Life Safaris has received monetary donations that have gone towards buying textbooks for the classrooms at the Mukuru Kayaba Schools.

All of the recipients of the donations were extremely grateful for the gifts given to their schools and voiced their appreciation towards those who have donated:

“Nimefurahi sana! Nitapatia Ngugi Kalamu moja na yeye
pia apate kuandika bila shida”

“[I] Am really happy! I will share some of my
pens with my brother Ngugi so that he can also be able to write without
problems “

-An 8 years old Irine

The cofounder of the Mukuru Kayaba Schools gave his thanks to the donors as well:

“This has saved as a lot. The money we could have [spent] on pens, paper
and pencils can now be used to buy food”

-Gideon Kutta – Co- founder , Mukuru Kayaba Schools


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