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Karen Gendal’s Story

Karen Gendal's Story

I was so glad to read about Pack for a Purpose in Oprah Magazine. It was just the solution I was looking for – a way to balance out the luxury of an incredible trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia by giving something back to the special places I would visiting. I brought school supplies for 2 schools, one in Stellenbosch near Cape Town and one in the Sinde Village in Zambia near Victoria Falls. The team at Pack for a Purpose put me in touch with the staff in each area who helped me arrange to personally deliver the supplies (even the small amount I was able to bring!). Those school visits were the most meaningful parts of my journey. I met the principals of each school who were so kind to give of their time and energy to explain how meaningful these supplies are for the children. As Grantham Jansen, principal of the Lynedoch Primary School in Stellenbosch told me, “When you bring supplies, you are telling these children that they are worthy”. What a joy it was to see the students learning and smiling and full of life. And of course, it was clear how even the smallest of packages with supplies like pens, paper, maps, rulers could make a difference in their lives. I will definitely be doing Pack for a Purpose again. What an incredible organization.

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