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Anne & Alexis’s Story – Our First PfaP Bride & Groom!


The concept of the Red Monkey Lodge is to live very close to the locals. We stayed there about 10 days before we moved to Spice Island Resort, where our wedding took place. We also had a guided tour through the village where the lodge is, visited the school, the medicine man, and the local people’s houses. The combination of all these experiences gave us an extensive view of the local people’s lives. We were very happy that we could give the Zanzibar something back, because we had three wonderful weeks and our perfect wedding on their island. Maybe it was a little thank you from our side, because we spent one of the most important day of our life there. We would definitely recommend to all travelers, especially brides and grooms, to consider packing for a purpose because it takes just a small effort to pack and gives you the wonderful feeling that you did something useful for the local community.

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