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Ericka Baron’s Story

Families coming together to help children in India


Traveling gives us the gift to explore our magnificent world, meet new people and live extraordinary experiences. It also opens our eyes to the challenging circumstances that many people live daily to meet their basic needs and have access to education.

As my friend Laura and I prepared for our adventure to India, we asked ourselves how we could make a meaningful contribution to help meet the needs of those in the country that we would be visiting. After stumbling upon the Pack for a Purpose website we could not think of a better idea than loading our suitcases with much needed school supplies for a primary school for under-privileged children in rural India.

With the help of parents from Parksites Preschool we received generous bags full of school and art supplies. In addition, St. John Fisher Elementary School held a used book sale and $100.00 from the proceeds was donated to buy additional supplies. It was nice to see how happy our community’s families were to help and contribute to such a worthy cause and to be a part of giving back to those as far away as India.

When we dropped off our donations, we were warmly received by Anita and Mandip Singh Soin, the owners of Ibex Expeditions and a partner of Pack for a Purpose. Over chai, we learned about the different community-based educational programs that Ibex Expeditions helps to support across India, specifically Chitardai Upper Primary School in a rural Rajasthan that serves over 300 children from ages 5 to 15 years old. We were glad to know that our donations will be well used and enjoyed by the children of this school.

Participating in the Pack for a Purpose program was certainly a highlight of our trip. It gave us the opportunity to have a meaningful connection with India by giving back to a Country that gave us many enriching experiences and unlimited kindness.


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