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A Multitude of Supplies at Matemwe Lodge and Retreat


Matemwe Lodge and Retreat, in partnership with Asilia Africa, has been participating in a fabulous project, Pack for a Purpose. Pack for a Purpose travelers are contributing school supplies to the local school, Kigomani Primary School, based off a list of needs that was written up by leaders at the school.

Matemwe Lodge and Retreat has been involved in the expansion of the Kigomani Primary School since its building in 1988. Through donations and sponsoring, as well as active participation in the construction of the building, the school now has 11 classes and holds up to 660 pupils. As there is very little help from the government, it has always seemed essential to Matemwe Lodge and Retreat to help as much as possible.

Pack for a Purpose is the natural outcome of constant comments from travelers, from all over the world, I wish someone had told me you have a school that needs supporting; I would have brought something to help. Since the beginning of the year 2013, and through the generosity of many couples and families, we have received 42.5kg of supplies, including soccer balls, school supplies, books, educational support and clothes.

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