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Alison and Steven Phillips’s Story


When my husband and I were planning our trip to Africa, I came across an article in the Costco Connection about Pack with a Purpose. I immediately informed my husband ,as I thought it was an absolutely great way to give to those in need. I contacted Rebecca Rothney, of Pack with a Purpose, and within no time I made arrangements to donate to the Little Eden Society in Gauteng South Africa. Everyone was so helpful in making a beautiful thing happen, including the African Rock Hotel where my husband and I were staying. They agreed to have their driver stop by the Little Eden Society so we could drop off our donation.
My husband and I brought two additional carry-on bags of clothing and toiletries, along with two bags we checked in. Unfortunately, our bags didn’t make it to South Africa when we did. We were able to still donate our two carry-on bags to the Little Eden Society, though the other two bags were shipped to the Zula Nyala Game Lodge, where we spent the first part of our vacation. After talking to our safari guide he arranged to have our donations taken to the Mbonise School. My husband and I were sorry we were unable to deliver all the donations to the Little Eden Society, though it was good to know they were able to be used by others in need.
I would like to thank Rebecca Rothney of Pack with a Purpose, Nichollette Muthige from the Little Eden Society , Collette from The African Rock Hotel and James from the Peech Hotel for making this happen. I have been spreading the news to others and my husband and I will always pack with a purpose.


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