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In Shannon’s memory: a gift that touches many


Editors Note: There are many reasons to pack for a purpose other than being a gracious and caring human being.

You can pack for a purpose to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. Those are gifts you never have to dust, that don’t take up additional space in your home and make a Big Impact in the community where you spend your holiday.

You can pack for a purpose on your honeymoon or at your destination wedding. This type of packing for a purpose extends the joy of your special day to the local community, giving even more people a reason to celebrate.

You can also pack for a purpose to honor the memory of a loved one. By bringing supplies in someone’s memory, you celebrate the kindness of the person you lost and keep their goodness alive in a new community.
Written by: Emili Jack

In May, I went to Placencia, Belize along with fourteen other friends for an adventurous beach vacation. Our friend Sara Haney, who planned the trip knew Rebecca and Jim Berquist, the owners of Mirasol Villas, and set up our vacation rental.

Sheri and Gary Wilson went to Placencia a few years prior as a family vacation with their children. The family won a week stay from a charity golf tournament silent auction as a fundraiser.


In a freak accident, the Wilson’s daughter, Shannon, passed and they couldn’t bear going back without her, with the vivid memories of their last vacation in Belize. They decided to donate the week stay instead of wasting it. The week stay was donated to our friend, Sara Haney.

One of our friends on the trip, Kelvin, found Pack for a Purpose while reading a few travel blogs and thought it would be way to give back to the Placencia community while we enjoyed their town. We decided that we should make the donation in honor of Shannon Wilson.

We dropped off our large donation at the Turtle Inn with the help of Martin, who manages the resort. It was a great experience and one I hope to get involved in on my next international trip. Thanks for helping us donate to such a wonderful cause!
Emili, Sara, Kelvin, Becca, Jon, Jill, Justin, Lauren, Will, Charlsey, Kyle, Amanda, Kelsey, Lora, and Katelyn



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