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Elizabeth’s Story

1 Night + 27 Women = 14,439 Wishes of Love for Maasai Children

On Friday evening, October 4, 2013, twenty-seven women gathered at my home to
learn about Kenya, the plight of the African elephant, the current demand
for ivory, and its role that is set to decimate these creatures into
extinction within the next ten years.

An important part of the evening was to highlight a handful of key trusts
and conservation organizations that are playing a vital role in the
protection, rehabilitation and support of elephants, as well as the Kenyan


The trusts presented to the group included The Amboseli Trust for Elephants,
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, The Maasai Wilderness Conservation
Trust and The Tsavo Trust.

In lieu of gifts, a donation request list was provided by Pack for a Purpose
to support The Kanzi Academy, a primary international-style school for
gifted Maasai students who live within the KuKu Group Ranch area.

This small group of women made the following collective impact for these

  • 2,560 pieces of construction paper
  • 2,160 pieces of notebook paper
  • 1,204 crayons
  • 362 regular pencils
  • 170 colored pencils
  • 136 color markers
  • 100 fun stickers
  • 99 erasers
  • 88 glue sticks
  • 80 pencil sharpeners
  • 75 dry erase markers
  • 69 ballpoint pens
  • 21 sets of mathematics flash cards & workbooks
  • 20 pairs of scissors
  • 13 rulers
  • 11 pencil cases
  • 8 sets of alphabet flash cards
  • 7 lettering practice pads
  • 6 watercolor paint sets
  • 5 nature, science, space, history reference books
  • 5 sets color & shapes flash cards & workbooks
  • 5 word puzzle and crossword books
  • 5 reader eyeglasses
  • 4 dry erase learning board packets
  • 4 calculator sets
  • 3 packets of vitamin c drops
  • 3 Airborne packs
  • 2 packs of sore throat lozenges
  • 2 backpacks
  • 1 NyQuil cold medicine gift pack
  • 1 nightlight

Words cannot express how powerful we are when we join forces to help those
in need. This example proves that small gifts can have a larger impact than
one expects.


Thank you to all who attended and donated items in support of the children
and the future of Kenya. We can make a difference.


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