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Supplies Support School in India

Ibex Expeditions’ guests who “pack for a purpose” have already made their mark around India. Our latest Pack for a Purpose guests brought 14 kilos of much needed and appreciated supplies, which I delivered to the school in the village of Ramathra.

It was a Saturday and the schools were closed so that the children could study for tests on Monday, however the children came to the school to receive the donations. I talked to them about the importance of hard work.

We gave a pencil and a pen to each child to begin this journey and asked them to use the paints and the colored pencils wisely, to make art to depict both their landscape and their feelings. A few girls immediately came up to me having scribbled little patterns on a piece of paper, as thanks. They ran off, promising to study and we left the remaining boxes with the headmaster of the school, who was deeply thankful for the change in learning and motivation that we had facilitated.

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