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Kanti’s Story

My friend and I were planning a vacation to Vietnam. On the internal “My Communities” page on the website for the place where I work, I read about this organization, “Pack for a Purpose.” I quickly checked if there were any participants located in Vietnam that I could deliver supplies to while on my trip, and received the information that I would be able to drop off the donations with Dien at “Buffalo Tours.”

The day we landed in Hanoi, my friend and I quickly searched for a stationary shop in Old Quarters and bought some stationary (school supplies) for the children at Mai Chau, HoaBinh Province, Hanoi. Dien was waiting for us, even after the office had closed, to collect the supplies. We visited Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Halong Bay and we loved Vietnam, especially the people.

I would like to thank Pack for a Purpose and Dien Pham who gave me all the required information to support the needs of their project.  All the best and keep up the good work.

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