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PfaP by the Numbers

Pack for a Purpose is delighted to report that in all areas, our numbers are growing! Since the beginning of January 2014, we have added 26 new lodgings and tour companies to the website.

Pack for a Purpose travelers brought over 8,000 kilos of supplies to their destinations in 2013. These 8,000 kilos contributed to Pack for a Purpose’s total of over 16,000 kilos of supplies in the last four years.

The countries on our website continue to increase. We currently have 54 countries listed on our website. Four of these have been added since January 2014. We hope to add another by April. 

*Math mistakes are sometimes made; however, they must always be corrected.  In our last newsletter, we accidentally reported 6800 volunteer hours for 2013. It was actually 3973 hours– still an amazing number! To recap: PfaP volunteers have contributed 13,231 hours over the course of four years and “a bit.” To clarify, “a bit,” was the time spent when the first group of volunteers met over our dinner table and began the process of designing our website, and collecting the necessary information. We are very grateful to our volunteers. They make Pack for a Purpose possible! 


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