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PfaP Portrait

Bob Richards has been a resident of Raleigh, N.C., U.S.A. (Pack for a Purpose global headquarters), for longer than he cares to admit after graduating in Electrical Engineering at the local college.

He currently works for a software company. He married another programmer, Giavanna, almost 24 glorious years ago. For entertainment they like to take long walks on the beach discussing computer stuff – or they would if the beach wasn’t over two hours away. They have one daughter, Alicia, who attends college at Bob’s rival school. “Alicia is the one who introduced us to Pack for a Purpose when she was working there as an intern.”

After Alicia’s intern project in high school, Bob and Giavanna have provided assistance where they could with technical tasks. When asked why they volunteer, Bob responded, “Of course the humanitarian outreach is the most important reason we donate our time and effort. But beating the Rothneys [Pack for a Purpose founders] at dominoes is pure icing on the cake!”

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