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Sharon’s Story

This spring NPR aired a story featuring Ms. Rothney and I decided to “pack for a purpose” as I got ready to go to Peru. I chose to take supplies to the very small village of Infierno on the outskirts of Puerto Maldonado on the Tambopata River, a tributary of the Amazon. The residents of Infierno are Ese’Eja, an Amazonian tribe, that were formerly nomadic. 

They have a school and a health clinic both with long wish lists. I bought some Crayolas, pencils, pens, rulers, calculators, anti-viral face masks, and band aids. Thanks to my chiropractor and my dentist, I also took another 25 packages of Crayolas, and 65 toothbrushes. Our tour group’s office, Posadas Amazonas, was the drop-off point for the supplies since we didn’t make a stop in the village. Packing for a Purpose is a marvelous plan that takes help directly from donor to recipient. 


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