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Kilos of Kindness Continue at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort

Being a participant on the Pack for a Purpose website has been a big success so far for the three projects we support at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort. Our guests drop off requested supplies for the three good causes we support and even Meeting Planners and Wholesalers ask what they can do to contribute.

Recently, I went to Amigunan di Cristo, the after school program we support with 120 kilos of requested supplies brought by one of our guests, Tiffany Joseph. She had hoped to be able to join me, but unfortunately was unable to so I went by myself. It took quite a while to load and unload all of the supplies!

The children assisted me with unpacking the supplies and “Aunt Emma” who takes care of the children (along with some volunteers) was overwhelmed. Just a week ago she had been to the store to buy some homework supplies but returned empty handed as the supplies were too expensive for her to purchase. She kept on telling me that this guest must have really known what the children needed, and that is the good thing about Pack for a Purpose. The needs of the projects we support can be updated as needed to reflect the specific items required for each project we support. So our guests always bring what is really helpful!

After three of the groups were posing for the photo with the supplies, it was really nice to catch up with them as I hadn’t been there for a few weeks. The children all wanted to talk about the first few weeks of school and tell me they were all doing their best. It was wonderful to see all their happy faces. Soon it was time for me to go and say goodbye to all the children and the volunteers. The children made a nice sign for Tiffany which expressed their gratitude by writing messages in English and Papiamentu.

Thank you Tiffany Joseph!

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