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John’s Story

Thanks for this great program. Our trip to La Quinta de Sarapiqui  in Costa Rica will always be remembered because of our visit to the school high in the rain forest. They picked us up, took us out to the school, and we had a great time. We were warmly received, spent two hours with the kids, and were personally thanked by the hotel owner, Beatriz Gamez, for our gifts. My children played with the school children for hours with the new soccer balls, and meeting the mothers and the children was a wonderful event for all of us.

Mother with children

We packed pencils, pens, papers, flash cards, and LED calculators purchased for $1 each from Dollar General—a total expense of $75, with even my son Brad and my grandson Gabe bringing along their own supplies.

John's son playing soccer with the schoolchildren

We also took four soccer balls from the soccer association. Good timing, as the kids had pounded their only school soccer ball flat.

We will do this again. The response from the kids was unbelievable.

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