Tundy’s Story

This summer I  traveled to Guatemala, and I decided to take some donations for the children. One of my friends introduced  the Pack for a Purpose website to me a year ago. I found out that the children of Guatemala are in high need of school supplies, so I decided to fill up a piece of luggage and take it with me.


Then, at a baby shower ,I had the chance to meet Rebecca Rothney, the founder of Pack for a Purpose. She helped me to arrange a meeting with Alfonso in Guatemala city, who is the representative of Four Directions. I was able to deliver the supplies to the school of the village of Xetonox, Chimaltenango on the way to my destination of Lake Atitlan.


I met the principal of the school who was very pleased to receive the suitcase full of school supplies. The meeting was very heart warming and emotional. I am so happy I could help and make a little bit of difference in those childrens’ life.


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