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PfaP by the Numbers


PfaP travelers continue to make a Big Impact across the globe. Their contributions are immeasurable, and they really count for communities in need.

From January 2016 through the end of August, PfaP travelers have taken more than 12,444 kilos (27,376 pounds) of supplies to community projects around the world.

Since the first supplies were delivered in 2010, PfaP travelers have taken more than 66,190 kilos (145,600 pounds) of supplies meeting essential needs in over 60 countries.

PfaP has welcomed 46 new participants so far this year from Fiji to Canada.

Our generous and talented PfaP volunteers have contributed more than 2,400 hours of their time to keeping our website up to date, our data current and increasing outreach efforts.

Addition, of course, is our favorite type of arithmetic. We hope to add more participants in the months and years ahead and watch the number of kilos of supplies continue to increase.

In addition, we hope you will add Packing for a Purpose to your travel checklist and share this article with your friends and family who travel.

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