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PfaP by the Numbers

Adding requested supplies in their luggage for community projects is a way that PfaP travelers make the trips they take go farther than the miles they travel. This act of responsible tourism is a real plus for both the travelers and for the communities they visit.

The pounds and kilos taken by PfaP travelers for community projects has multiplied over the years. In 2016, PfaP travelers delivered 23,016 kilos (50,741 pounds) of useful supplies for projects covering health, education, child welfare, animal welfare and socioeconomic development.

From 2010 through December 2016, PfaP travelers have taken more than 77,000 kilos (169,755 pounds) of supplies meeting essential needs in over 60 countries.

In 2016, we added 46 new tour companies and accommodations across the globe.

Our dedicated and diverse group of volunteers have contributed more than 23,390 hours of their time to create and maintain the Pack for a Purpose website. In seven years, our all-volunteer nonprofit has become a globally recognized brand and recognized for its integrity and value to the travel community.

To sum up, we want to express our gratitude to all the travelers who already Pack for a Purpose. If you are not already a Pack for a Purpose traveler, we hope we can add you to our community. Our goal is to increase the total number of Pack for a Purpose travelers every year, so share our website with your family and friends so they can see how easy it is to make a Big Impact.

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