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Aruba Receives Awesome PfaP Supplies

At Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, we wholeheartedly believe that you are only as strong as the community you create. For us, that means cultivating our own community within the resort, while also identifying ways for our staff and guests to make a lasting impact outside of our walls. The Bucuti team has long been committed to supporting a number of causes here in Aruba, and we are thankful to have conscientious, caring guests who share our passion for contributing to the wellbeing of our One Happy Island.

Year after year, our guests actively support Bucuti’s charitable programs and sustainability initiatives. The time, expense, care, and heart that go into these causes is invaluable, and the act of giving back has helped all of us become more connected on a personal level. Our shared respect and love for Aruba has brought us together and, for many of our guests, a visit to Bucuti feels more like coming home than going on vacation.

Pack for a Purpose is one of our most successful charitable programs, allowing our guests to support Imeldahof Children’s Home through their donations from our needs list. Since we partnered with Pack for a Purpose in the summer of 2015, guests from around the world have shown an outpouring of generosity, keeping room in their suitcases for over 700 kilos.

Giving back to the next generation of Arubans through Pack For A Purpose allows those visiting Aruba to make their travels even more meaningful to benefit the larger community we live in. When I founded Bucuti, it was important to me that community work was woven into the culture of the resort. Our support of organizations such as Kinderhuis Imeldahof and animal welfare organizations like Donkey Sanctuary Aruba and Turtugaruba, as well as our own stray dog sterilization subsidy program, have helped us become a force for positive change in Aruba. These partnerships bring us all together in support of the greater good and make our island a better place for all who live, work, and visit.

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