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Jess’s Story

This year my husband and I went on the trip of a lifetime. We spent three amazing weeks in Africa, kicking off our journey in Zanzibar. Just before our trip I heard about Pack for a Purpose and immediately knew it was a cause I should support.

Africa is home to some of the world’s poorest people. There are so many worthy organisations out there, but we wanted to make sure that we were making a meaningful contribution.

A week before our trip I armed myself with a list from our chosen charity – the school supported by Raz Nungwi Beach Hotel in the town near our resort- and took off to the shops on a mission. I returned with pencil cases stuffed with pens, pencils, pencil sharpners, erasers, rulers and glue sticks. It was easy to get in touch with the local coordinator and a few days into our trip we dropped off our much needed school supplies.


On this trip we didn’t have time to volunteer our time, and to be honest I’m not sure we have the skills necessary to have made a meaningful difference. Through Pack for a Purpose we were able to help those that do have the time and those skills. They are the ones that should truly be supported.

I never saw those pencil cases opened by smiling children, but I certainly saw the local children playing on the streets of the village and drove past the school my supplies were delivered to. To me, knowing that I was able to help in my own little way is the most important thing.

I’m now planning my next trip to Laos – and I’ve got my Pack for a Purpose shopping list ready to go!

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