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PfaP by the Numbers

In January 2018, we requested, as we do each trimester, that all our participants send us the weight of the supplies they received from September 1 through December 31, 2017. After the devastation from Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean, these numbers, as we suspected, were down almost 36% from the same trimester in 2016, as many of our participants had to close temporarily. We hope PfaP travelers going to this part of the world will make a positive impact in the months ahead by taking urgently needed supplies when they visit these destinations that are rebuilding and opening up again for guests. You will make a Big Impact!

On a positive note, the total supplies received by community projects from PfaP travelers in 2017 was up 6.3% over 2016, even with the situation in the Caribbean. There were very large increases of supplies received: a 24% increase for the first trimester and a 41% increase for the second trimester over the totals for 2016.The generosity of PfaP travelers continues to grow exponentially.

Adding is our favorite PfaP activity, and we are delighted to announce we added 15 new participants since the beginning of 2018 and one new country: Chile.

We invite and encourage all PfaP travelers to follow us on our social media and share this with your family and friends so we can add even more travelers who choose to Pack for a Purpose in 2018. Your advocacy will help us multiply kindness across the globe and make meaningful travel an integral part of every journey.

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