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Partnering with Pack for a Purpose Provides Enhanced Opportunities to Our Commitment to Serve Our Communities in Costa Rica

Since their foundation, a great part of the philosophy of the sister travel companies of Camino Travel and Premio DMC has been focused on giving back to the local communities. Pack for a Purpose, then, meshed perfectly with our objectives.

We started off by promoting PfaP internally and informing our collaborators about the organization. Our collaborators are incredibly enthusiastic about the campaign, they go out of their way to tell clients about PfaP and in doing so, communicate their zeal for the initiative. As it turns out, their enthusiasm has proven quite contagious.

From drivers to tour guides, not only do our liaisons motivate clients to participate in PfaP and promote the campaign on their websites, they donate their services as well when it comes to delivering donations to assigned children’s home. This has also made is possible for travelers to deliver their contributions to the home and a gain a first-hand experience of the effect their generosity has on the children.

Response has been inspiring. We went from having no donations at all during our first year to receiving approximately 304kgs of donated supplies in 2017. We cannot thank our clients enough for their contributions. We have managed to make monthly donations to the homes a constant, meaning that the immediate needs of the children have been met thanks to these contributions. Thanks to the PfaP endeavour, the care the children receive has greatly improved, something that has a direct correlation to the betterment of their overall development. It is a privilege to be able to have such an impact on their lives.

With this kind of result, we have all the motivation we need to keep going. Our alliance with our providers continues and not only do we keep motivating our clients to donate, we also have plans in the works to organize a donation campaign.

The benefits of being Pack for a Purpose participants have echoed within and without for Camino Travel and Premio DMC. Not only have the firms benefited from increased social awareness and social responsibility, but we have genuinely come to care about the children and show great regard for their wellbeing. This means we are dedicated wholeheartedly to the endeavour, constantly looking for better ways to motivate clients.

This sincere dedication outwardly translates into the one thing that matters most: a better standard of living for the children. The latter is what we strive to improve with every delivery and with every visit.  Witnessing the tangible effects our collective endeavour has on the children is as much reward as it is incentive.

Camino Travel and Premio DMC are proud to be part of the Pack for a Purpose initiative. We will continue to give it our all!

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