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PfaP Guests Give at Gran Pacifica

At Pack for a Purpose, we are always delighted at how quickly PfaP travelers find new participants on our website and respond with great generosity. In less than three months, PfaP travelers were taking needed supplies supporting a tradition at Gran Pacifica of giving back to the community. Here is a story from Holly Wilson at Gran Pacifica.

I was sitting at the beachfront restaurant at Gran Pacifica, when a guest mentioned that he had brought a box of school supplies down with him in his luggage and was wondering what to do with it. Well… I know what to do with that kind of question! I told him about our new partnership with “Pack for a Purpose,” an NGO that encourages packing along supplies when traveling to countries where items are needed. This is a great, easy way to give back when traveling abroad. We made arrangements for us to drop off his supplies at Los Lopez School later that day.

We are grateful that visitors continue to support us and our local communities. Our community is much larger than just Gran Pacifica.

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