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Patty’s Story

When my family traveled to South Africa in 2000, we took over a huge bag of sports equipment, dictionaries, atlases, school supplies, and so on. However, when I was looking at staying at The Havannah Resort I discovered Pack for a Purpose and loved the idea!

My friend and I Packed for a Purpose and delivered school supplies, teacher supplies, and books and sports equipment to three different village schools in Efate Vanuatu.

We also brought tennis balls, soccer and net balls, and four hand pumps with spare needles, sports whistles, a collection of children’s factual books on dinosaurs, spiders, snakes, the human body and so on, as well as toothbrushes,  and a number of full pencil cases with stickers, highlighter pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and biros and solar calculators.

After taking supplies to some of the schools in Vanuatu supported by The Havannah Resort, I realized some books had been left behind. These were given to the International School for distribution.

We loved our Pack for a Purpose experience. It was great to see the children who we delivered the supplies to.

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