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Princess Hotels Promote Pack for a Purpose and Their Guests Choose to Make a Big Impact

On September 11th, Princess Hotels in Dominican Republic carried out a beautiful social activity, part of our “Dame una Mano” project, in order to improve the social and educational development of the area. We are aware as a company of the important role we play in the development of the area, and we want to be part of it, in a responsible manner.

We went to the Matamosquitos community, in order to collaborate with the public school which has about 400 children and adolescents between 2 and 16 years old; providing and reinforcing their school supplies. Matamosquitos, is an economically depressed area, with social, educational and environmental difficulties, which appreciate any collaboration, making the smallest gesture big; fundamentally inhabited by Haitians in a social exclusion situation, lacking of basic needs.

The activity was possible thanks to the collaboration between or hotel volunteers and guest, whom donated different school supplies such as books, note books, pens, pencils, dictionaries, etc . Aware of the needs of the communities that surround us, we like to carry out different social activities, hand in hand with our clients, who collaborate with us with the gifts they kindly give us.

Pack for a Purpose, has helped us to organize, and publicize this beautiful activity thanks to its extensive experience working with similar actions, and we are very excited already thinking about the next one. Also we love to see in these activities the generosity, in gifts and time, of the collaborators of Princess Hotels, who voluntarily support these initiatives by contributing with their example to educate other Dominicans and new generations, so that they also continue in a particular way with these initiatives.

The event passed with ease and naturalness, the kids tried to capture the attention of the volunteers, while they were talking with the teacher about the used they will give to all those new materials, taking into consideration that this activity is complementing the one we did last Christmas, giving them toys and games.

If you want to collaborate in future campaigns, please do not forget to leave space in your suitcase on your next holiday with us in Punta Cana, and help us collect different items such as: toys and educational games, study material and learning support, clothing, basic hygiene supplies, or basic sanitary materials. You can deposit them on our “Dame una Mano” boxes, or you can give it to our guest service department, we are always planning new actions, so your collaborations are always more than welcome.

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