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PfaP Travelers Provide in Panama

Here at Canopy Camp, Darien of Panama, we have had the pleasure of working with the indigenous Embera people of Nuevo Vigia since 2014 when we opened up the lodge for tourism. Approximately 500 people live in the village and dedicate their lives to farming, fishing, and artisan work. There are almost zero prospects for regular income and the sporadic work that they can get from wealthy landowners pays very little.

Canopy Camp takes groups of tourists to the village almost once a week year round and collaborates by paying entrance fees, hiring local guides, paying for boat rides and encouraging tourists to buy the women’s artisan crafts. Now with the support of Pack for a Purpose, Canopy Camp is able to have an even greater impact. The staff at Canopy Camp receives the donations from the tourists until there is a significant amount of supplies to make a single donation to the tourism group in the village.

This January they organized an event with snacks, drinks, lunch and several hours of games and training on how to improve tourism in their village. At the end of the event Canopy presented all of the donations for the group. They were very thankful with large smiles on their faces.

The school supplies will help their children perform better in school. The medical kits will provide assurance when someone in the family gets hurt. The clothes and pillows will help them get better rest and be more prepared to conquer each day with a fresh mind and spirit. Huge kudos to Pack for a Purpose for the impact they are having on the indigenous populations of Darien, Panama.

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