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Going Local in Dominican Republic and Packing for a Purpose

Here at Outback Adventures Punta Cana, we believe that there is something worth admiring in those who decide to dedicate part of their time, their resources and their lives to others even needier, who they have not yet had the opportunity to meet.

We are more than grateful to be part of the island’s tourist community for over 20 years, and for us Pack for a Purpose represents the perfect way to show our gratitude to the people and surrounding villages that have given so much to us.

A simple pencil, a red toy-car, a toothbrush… even a storybook! Pack for a Purpose inspires our most charitable clients to keep space in their luggage to bring as a donation those little things that we usually take for granted on a daily-basis. This allows us to live the most emotional, once in a lifetime experiences with them, proving that there really is hope of a better world.

More than a tourism company, Outback Adventures DR is an experience that takes the island´s visitors into the wild of Dominican Republic´s rural communities, so that they can learn about their most characteristic traditions, customs and flavors.

It is the possibility of…

…interacting directly with the locals and being able to see the enormous socio-economic and cultural differences that exist between the nation of the visitor and the visited destination…

…a tour through a primary school, where the classes of two different grades are taught in the same classroom, due to the lack of resources…

…a glance at a small public hospital located in the middle of nowhere, lacking elements as simple as gauze, cotton, and syringes for first aid service…

…a small Day of Kings gift for those children who once a year write their Christmas letter and usually receive nothing on the 6th of January…

…going through a plain green valley and seeing the barefoot kids running and playing bitilla with a broom stick and a bottle lid, because they do not have bats or baseballs to play as in the Big Leagues …

…a storybook to entertain the little ones from a home without parents…

Outback Adventures is the experience of being able to witness the honest smile of each of these locals, who every day manage to overcome these obstacles and be happy.

And for Outback Adventures, Pack for a Purpose is an opportunity for the visitors to interfere in this social reality with and make a change.

Be like the Howis Family – Donations for Orphanage Children of Christ 

Pack for a Purpose is an opportunity for us to be able to give a helping hand to the ones who might need it the most, led by the kind hearts of our guests.

An example of this is the Howis Family, formed by Amanda Howis and her two little ones Henry & Kaci, who firmly decided last year to give their own Christmas gifts away to children in need of the Orphanage Los Niños de Cristo in La Romana.

Excited about their own cause, these little sibblings contacted their relatives, friends, and even some local businesses in their community in England and managed to collect a total of 7 suitcases full of basic products, toothbrushes, hair shampoo, soccer balls, crafting beads for the girls, and many other gifts.

Be like Crystal Piper – Donation of School Supplies for Sampiñé School 

Another beautiful example of someone who decided to Pack for a Purpose is Crystal Piper, who chose to collect school supplies for the little ones from Escuela de Sampiñé and bring them in her luggage, on the cruise ship disembarking in Amber Cove, Puerto Plata this past month of December.

Be like Solar Buddy – Solar Lamps for communities without electricity 

Another GREAT kindness example is the case of our Solar Buddy friends from the United States of America, who between November 2018 and February 2019 sent a total of 930 solar lamps for the children from rural communities with electricity problems.

The idea of ​​this kind act is that the little ones can still do their homeworks despite the long blackouts that characterize the areas in which they live and bet on a better future, through studies.

There are many other characters that have joined this cause of Pack for a Purpose and Outback Adventures DR, but the most fascinating part is knowing, that there are still many more to hop on board of this Kindness Adventure, aiming to making the world a better place.

What about you …? Are you ready to Go Local in Dominican Republic & Pack for a Purpose? We are ready to show you around!

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