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The Aguirre’s Story

My family and I returned from a trip to the amazing island of Curaçao last week.  We feel blessed to have been able to experience the beauty of the beaches, marine life & cultural diversity that Curaçao offers.  Beautiful in all ways.  Most importantly we cherish the friendships and personal connection that we were able to make while visiting an after school program for children one day during our trip.

Prior to leaving as I began packing our bags, I realized that we really would not need much more than bathing suits, flip flops, and sunscreen!  This led my mind to wonder if possibly I could make a connection with someone that could direct me to an organization that helps children in Curaçao.  I was thrilled to finally find Pack for a Purpose.  They responded quickly providing the names of three different groups and lists of items which could be helpful!

As a mother of four boys who all play soccer, I was thrilled when I saw that one of the groups was an after school soccer program which needed cleats!  I had found a way to fill our suitcases to the max and also find a perfect home for our cleats.  We were met with a kindness and gratitude beyond measure.  The smiles from the children and time that we spent together will forever be a cherished memory of our trip!

We will definitely participate in Pack for a Purpose on any future vacations.  A non for profit group that is highly organized and attentive to all questions.

Lovingly submitted by The Aguirre’s

Rich, Anne, Aiden, Elliot, Harrison and Oliver

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