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Generosity in the Galapagos Provided by Surprise PfaP Traveler

One of the magical things about Pack for a Purpose is that there’s no way of knowing how many people are just doing it because there’s no sign up or registration. Sometimes it’s not until drop-off that we hear that someone is taking part. Recently a young woman Sooki Hong, who was visiting the Galapagos Islands (but not travelling with our Galapagos partner Ecoventura who support the Alejandro Alvear School via their profile on our website), arrived at the office at on San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos to deliver materials for the school.

This came as an unexpected and very welcome surprise to the teams at both Ecoventura and Pack for a Purpose as Sooki had never contacted anyone about taking supplies.“She just dropped them off at the office at San Cristobal one day, which was amazing,” stated PfaP’s founder Rebecca. “Clearly, she had been to the Pack for a Purpose website or perhaps to the Ecoventura website to find what supplies were requested.”

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