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From a Retirement Village in Australia to a Village on Vanuatu, PfaP Travelers Make a Big Impact

We recently found out about “Pack for a Purpose” when we booked a holiday at The Havannah in Vanuatu. What an inspiring idea and one that we should all think about when we are travelling as many countries are in need of support.

My husband and I live in a Retirement Village and approached fellow residents to donate items for the many schools in desperate need of educational materials.

We had an amazing response and took over 40 kilos of items out with us. We visited one school and met up with the children who were very excited about the gifts we gave them. In return they sang to us as their way of saying “thank you.” It was a very rewarding experience.

The remainder of the items will go to offshore islands where the villagers have no access to obtain school supplies. Most of the villagers are subsistence farmers who do not have a cash income, so Pack for a Purpose really helps these families put their children through school.

Living in Australia, we are very fortunate and take education for granted where in many countries, they regard it as a privilege and are keen to learn.

It is by working together that we can achieve remarkable things. We found Pack for a Purpose to be an easy and affordable way of making a real difference. Helping children get the most out of their education makes a lasting impact within their community.

Taking much needed supplies to a destination makes travel much more meaningful. This gives you an insight and understanding of what life is like in the country you are visiting. To meet the local people in their own environment is both heartwarming and uplifting. Life is all about precious moments and this was certainly one of those.

We will always support this cause in the future and hope that many other people do the same.



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