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Family Visiting South Africa Chooses to Make a Big Impact

Our client Debbie from the United States was travelling to see South Africa for the first time in her life. Her mom, Martha, who also live in the US, had previously visited South Africa before and wanted her daughter to experience the country and people like she had previously. It sounds like she had had an amazing experience and wanted to share that with her own daughter! So, Debbie came on a holiday with her mom and her own husband and kids.

They were all planning to see Cape Town, go on safari and visit the breathtaking Victoria Falls. But they also wanted to have an impact on the local community in the Mother City. Debbie herself is a teacher in the United States and education is something close to her heart. Helping young children, especially those in underprivileged communities, is important to her. The family brought 10 kg of toys and educational items with them in their luggage through Pack for a Purpose. We love partnering with PfaP as it allows our clients to make a direct and positive impact in the poor neighborhoods.

As the clients were only here for a day, our team dropped the things off at Emmanuel Educare Pre-School in the Westlake community, Cape Town. We brought the big box (10 kilograms!) of books, balls, crayons, stationary, soaps, plasters… the list just goes on! The kids in this community come from poor families where presents are rare. This donation really uplifts the community as it brings such joy to the children. The kids were absolutely thrilled and so happy to receive these beautiful things! It really was a lovely outing for us.


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