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Generosity Helping Environmental Education in the Southern Amazon

Cristalino Lodge, located in the south of the Brazilian Amazon, is protecting over 11,000 hectares of lush rainforest, where visitors are able to observe over 600 species of birds, 50 species of mammals, 1,400 species of plants and about 1,500 species of butterflies, with responsible tourism. Besides preserving this large area of ​​the Amazon rainforest, Cristalino Lodge is a partner of the Cristalino Ecological Foundation – FEC (fundacaocristalino.org.br).

FEC is a Non-Governmental Organisation developing scientific research, economic development, management of Cristalino Reserves and raising awareness for conservation, with educational projects for children and young people in the region’s communities. The project called A Day in the Forest, is aimed at students from ages 8 through 12 years old in the local state and municipal schools, seeking to create a positive relationship between the youth and the Amazon rainforest.

Children learn about the importance of preserving the environment when walking, observation of fauna and flora, performing artistic activities and group dynamics in the middle of the forest. These are serious but light and playful topics, making this environment more familiar and enjoyable.

More than 5,000 children have already attended A Day in the Forest, and Pack for a Purpose performs a key role, supporting materials for a variety of activities. Since 2013, we have received over 230 kg of materials, such as pencils, ballpoint pens, erasers, brushes, inks, colored pens, notebooks, sketchbooks, backpacks, environmentally related children’s storybooks, paints, clothing, electronic equipment (tablets), musical instruments and interactive games. All these materials are used in workshops and donated for children to use in their school activities.

The gestures of generosity from our guests through Pack for a Purpose donations make all the difference helping to educate children who will become environmentally conscious adults.

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