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Two Smart Cookies Who Love PfaP’s Cookies

Celia’s Story

I found Pack for a Purpose when I was looking for a summer internship at a non-profit between sophomore and junior years of college. I was immediately drawn to PfaP’s mission which combined two of my passions – traveling and helping others! Rebecca contacted me quickly after I applied, and I was actually traveling in Canada when she called me. After visiting her home, which also functions as PfaP’s headquarters, I was sure this was the perfect match. The homemade chocolate mint chip cookies, and the promise of more cookies while working at PfaP, certainly helped. 🙂

I have worked with Rebecca at Pack for a Purpose on and off for about two years now, both during the summer and during the school year, taking one semester off to study abroad. In just two short years, I have seen PfaP grow and become an even “betterer” non-profit. Rebecca is always sure to thank her generous volunteers for their help in making her idea a reality, but it is truly her hard work, commitment to PfaP’s mission, and continuous networking that has allowed Pack for a Purpose to become the far-reaching non-profit that it is today.

I am so glad I found Pack for a Purpose and have been able to contribute to the work the organization does in connecting travelers to needs lists for community projects around the world. PfaP celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, but I am excited to see it grow for another 10 years! Although Rebecca’s cookie dough provided many tasteful moments for her volunteers and interns, the kind of dough Pack for a Purpose needs now is the kind it can deposit in the bank.


Rocio’s Story

I originally heard of Pack for a Purpose (PfaP) while looking for a summer internship. I love traveling and connecting with people from different cultures so PfaP was naturally something I connected with. After looking around the website, I was intrigued by the simple but unique philosophy of Pack for a Purpose.  I thought the idea behind PfaP was ingenious in its simplicity. It’s such an easy way to show gratitude anywhere your travels take you!

Soon after I submitted my application, I heard back from Rebecca and we scheduled a time to meet. After meeting Rebecca for the first time, I knew Pack for a Purpose was something I could stand behind. I could sense Rebecca’s genuineness and passion – plus she offered me free homemade cookies whenever I wanted!

Since May, I have seen Rebecca’s commitment to Pack for a Purpose. She is extremely driven and resourceful when it comes to all things PfaP. For starters, she volunteers 40 hours of her time a week in order to keep the organization running. Rebecca is also continuously forming new connections so she can learn from individuals from all fields (and offer them cookies!). In the past 10 years, Rebecca, along with the help of numerous volunteers, has been able to grow PfaP to the global brand it is today.

It has been a great opportunity to assist Rebecca with the 10th year anniversary among my other responsibilities. Pack for a Purpose has made a Big Impact across the world and fosters a global community based on respect. Every traveler should consider Pack for a Purpose as an opportunity to add a little more joy to their travels!

And if you volunteer, you can even taste those amazing hot out-of-the-oven cookies. 🙂

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