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Marc’s Story

I have been able to bring school materials to places while traveling abroad four times. I like traveling and cooperation, this involves the concept called responsible traveling. The truth is that with Pack for a Purpose, it was much easier than finding a NGO that works in the field. Two out of the four times, I have brought supplies through Pack for a Purpose. I was able to bring big quantities of supplies because Pack for a Purpose provides you with the exact needs for each project.

While I have not yet been able to see the distribution of the supplies, I have received photos or a letter from the director of the project. More important to me is taking the supplies because it fulfills me to know that it will help children to have the opportunity to study and develop themselves. The same opportunity I had. I also believe that if we don’t do something to improve things this world would not be as human as it should be.

The school or health supplies really improves the lives of the people who receive them. It helps the projects keep going, since a lot of projects are underfunded (note that bringing sanitary material is difficult because of customs regulations).

I have a Postgrad Degree in International Cooperation so Pack for a Purpose was very helpful, because when bringing two bags, (what some airlines allow without extra charge) you have to think a little bit of the logistics.

Thank you Pack for a Purpose and Mara Explorers Camp.

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