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Melissa’s Story

Last April my boyfriend Mike and I flew from Seattle Washington to the Sandos in Los Cabos. It was my very first time in Mexico. I am a teacher and was very passionate about Packing for a Purpose. I did. I collected construction paper, glue sticks, pens, crayons, markers and so much more. I even carried materials on my carry on. When we arrived at the hotel I asked our greeter where I should put the items. He showed me. I was so sad to see the bin was empty! I proudly put my items in the bin but wondered why there wasn’t more items in there? Why weren’t others bringing items down? Every time I went in the elevator I would go look in the bin to see if more items were in there. One afternoon almost everything was gone! I was so sad. I was thinking that possibly because this bin was located near the elevator someone helped themselves thinking these items were for the smaller hotel guests. I immediately went up to hotel desk and inquired. They informed me that my items had been picked up and they were so excited to receive them! They left a few items in the bottom to encourage people to donate. The hotel loved my feedback about moving the bin near the check in desk to bring more attention to the bin. We are planning another trip soon and I’ve already started to collect my items to bring down. I will definitely Pack for a Purpose.

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